• Education

    Stacie Penn
    Carol Mathey's Center for Children & Families
    Executive Director
    My name is Stacie Penn. I have the honor of having the most amazing job for the past 26 years! As the Executive Director of Carol Matheys Center for Children and Families I have the oppertunity to help families in our community by providing their children high quality care and education for their children. My greatest joy is seeing the children in our programs grow and trive! I also find joy in having the ability to help stuggling families by providing advocacy, resourses and emergency scholarships. Our organization is a true non profit that believes in the mission of providing high quality, affordable early childhood programs to the families of our community.
    I also have had the honor of being part of the Board of Directors of the Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce. Being part of this great organiztion has given me the oppertunity to give back to the Oakdale community through the events and fundraisers.